For the convenience of our patients, who would otherwise need to visit the hospital blood clinics, blood test clinics are held here at the surgery.

Appointments are usually available Monday to Friday mornings. 

If you do attend this clinic, please ensure you bring your completed blood form with you. We do however keep extra forms at the desk if necessary.

Please keep hydrated prior to your blood test appointment. This will ensure a clearer result.


Patient Information for PSA Testing

The presence of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood can be normal and a raised PSA is not conclusive of a problem in the prostate.

Diagnosing the problem should the PSA be raised must be performed at the hospital by taking biopsies.

Please note that when you have a PSA test you should not have:

· An active urinary infection

· Ejaculated in the last 48 hours

· Exercised heavily in the last 48 hours

· Had a prostate biopsy in the last 6 weeks

· Had a digital rectal examination in the last week

Each of these may produce an unusually high PSA result.

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