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Use the search facility below to access over 4000 health information leaflets and thousands of discussion forums.



Self-care is the best choice to treat very minor illnesses, ailments and complaints. Every day we see a number of patients for common, self-limiting conditions that do not usually require a doctor or nurse input or prescription.


Self-Care Resources

We have a range of self-care leaflets available either from reception, from our onsite dispensary at the Medical Centre or via the search facility above. These cover a wide range of common ailments including low back pain, constipation, fever in children, headaches, coughs, sore throat and common cold. These leaflets offer advice and guidance on how to self-manage some of these conditions and when to seek appropriate medical advice.

Our team are committed to providing the best possible care for all our patients and it is important our patients feel confident in the advice they receive about managing these common conditions. Please do consider downloading a leaflet or taking a copy of these leaflets home for reference. Alternatively, please take a look at one of the self care videos available below.

Back Pain Information, Exercises & Red Flags

Self-Care Videos

Back pain

Chicken pox

Common cold



Ear infection

Fever in children



Sore throat

Sprains & Strains


Advice and Guidance for Children

A health pathway is a simple, easy to follow guide containing advice and support for families and explains what you should do if you child is ill. For pathways on a high temperature, coughs, colds & breathing difficulties, diarrhoea & vomiting and constipation please see the Cumbria CCG website.


Better Care Together

Dr Andy Knox, a local GP in Morecambe Bay, has created some self-care videos to help promote health and wellbeing to the public. The videos cover a range of common health problems, such as earache, ringworm, eczema, head lice and sore throats; In total five videos have been created for the first series, with more planned for the future.

Dr Knox said "The problems identified in the videos are common and by following the advice many will clear up on their own. The videos aim to help people care for themselves without the hassle of making an appointment with their GP. They also aim to help the public save on unnecessary travel and additional expense, by managing the ailments simply by watching the videos at home and following the advice."

We would encourage patients to watch these videos before contacting the surgery for these minor ailments; not only could it save you time but it could save valuable appointments that could be used for patients with more serious and complex conditions.  Please be assured that the videos do make it very clear as to when you should seek further medical advice.

You can view the videos on the Better Care Together YouTube channel ‘BCTMorecambeBay’.

These videos have been developed as part of a Better Care Together (BCT) initiative which looks at improving health care across our locality.