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**Due to the current high demand on our services, we are unable to provide online bookable GP/NP appointments at this time. We apologies for any inconvenience caused**

If you are a patient aged 16 years or over, you can now book appointments using our internet booking service, Patient Access.  Once registered you can also order repeat prescription items, update your contact details online and request access to view part of your medical record.

If you haven't registered yet you will need to visit our reception desk to sign up for the service. You will need to do this yourself in person and bring with you two forms of ID; one form of photo identification and the other containing your address. For example your photo driving licence, passport, national 60+ bus pass, birth certificate, or any of these documents dated within the last 12 months; bank statement, council tax statement, P60/P45.

You can register online by clicking the link below, but you will still need to come into the surgery with your ID to be able to complete the process and use the service.

Please note that once you are signed in to Patient Access, you will be able to view all of your upcoming appointments, including telephone slots.


Types of appointments available online

We have recently increased the variety of appointments you are able to book online (e.g. through Patient Access or the myGP app).  We believe providing this service is more convenient for our patients and also reduces demand on our telephone lines. However, it is extremely important that the appointments are booked appropriately in order to avoid putting additional pressure on our clinical resources. We therefore respectfully request patients follow the guidelines below to enable us to continue to be able to offer this service.

The nurse appointments available are:

Cervical screening - smear test for those who have received an invite. If you believe you are due a smear test but have not received a postal invite, please let us know and we can check this for you.

Respiratory – for planned review appointments of patients with asthma or COPD – by invitation only.  Please note these should not be used if you are experiencing an acute illness such as a suspected chest infection; please call the surgery to book an appropriate appointment.

Hypertension – for patients with hypertension requiring an annual review – by invitation only.

Blood tests – to be booked at the request of a clinician only. If you book a blood appointment without having being asked to do so, the nurse will not be able to do the test for you.

Health checks – NHS health check for eligible patients aged 40-74 years following a postal invite. A blood test must first be booked at least three working days before this appointment.

B12 injections – for those prescribed by a GP. Please note there are separate appointments for first injections and follow up appointments.

Childhood immunisations/vaccinations - For all early year vaccinations. Parents will receive an invitation from the NHS Screening & Immunisation Team when their child is due. Please view the website for further details.

Flu vaccination - NHS vaccines are available for patients who have diabetes, are pregnant, are aged 65 and over, and for those patients with a long-term condition affecting the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, brain or nervous system, the immune system or the spleen.

Free NHS vaccines are also available for Carers (unpaid carers who receive Carer’s Allowance or who are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person), young carers (young people who help to carer for a family member) and patients with learning difficulties.

Shingles vaccination - for patients who are aged 70 or 78 years old or were previously eligible but missed immunisation. NB: People aged 80 years and over are not eligible for the vaccine because it becomes less effective as you get older.


**Due to the current high demand on our services, we are unable to provide online bookable GP/NP appointments at this time. We apologies for any inconvenience caused**

The GP appointments available online are:

Mental Health appointments with a GP - these are for patients struggling with a mental health issue who do not feel they can wait for a routine appointment. If there are none available to book online, please do contact the surgery to arrange your appointment.

Work appointments - early morning and late afternoon appointments for patients who are unable to attend routine GP appointments due to their working hours.

We also offer routine GP appointments online but please do be mindful that there are a number of other alternative appointments that are currently only available to book by ringing the surgery. These may be more appropriate for your problem and also available to access on the same day. Our Nurse Practitioners are able to deal with a very wide range of medical problems including chest infections, skin complaints, ear nose and throat problems, musculoskeletal problems, abdominal pains and gynaecology. We have 3 trained Clinical Pharmacists who in addition to medication queries are able to treat minor illnesses including urine infections, constipation, diarrhoea, flu type symptoms and conjunctivitis.


If you need support accessing online services please contact our receptionists, who will be more than happy to help.


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Further information regarding our appointment system

Please note if you would like access to view part of your medical record (medications, allergies/adverse reactions,  immunisations, test results and coded data such as reason for consultation) there is also an information leaflet to view and consent form to complete.  

Here you can view our online services medical record access leaflet and application form.